Who is Howard Seibert?

Howard Seibert is…

A Father:  Howard Seibert is the proud father of twin boys who are the joy of his life and world.  In addition to raising them to be honorable and loving little minions, he has been instilling them with the love and joys of music since their very first breath.  The boys have been writing and recording music since they were three years old and Seibert has been there every step of the way.  For him, nothing supersedes family and once the family is taken care of, then he dedicates his time to his passions and labors.   

A Musician:  Seibert began his musical journey as a child, singing with his mother and older sisters and experimenting on the piano after his sisters finished their lessons.  He picked up a guitar a little bit here and there and at the age of 15, finally decided to dedicate himself to mastering the instrument.   He fell in love with playing guitar and considers himself to be, first and foremost, a guitar player.  Shortly after his immersion into the study of guitar, he began to play the drums full time as well, and he has been learning, playing and enhancing his musical skills for well over 25 years now.  For more than two decades he has been experimenting with and learning many musical instruments and is capable with almost any standard instrument you can think of, as well as some of which you may never have heard.  To him, life just wouldn’t be the same without music as he believes it is a driving force in the Universe. 

A Producer:  When he is not composing or working on his own projects, Seibert loves to help up-and-coming musicians develop their sound and get their music into a format they can share with the world.  He is always willing to help shape new talent and give them the experience they need to be successful in the music industry.  Seibert has produced numerous LPs and a few Eps and has been involved in production or assisting in production since 1993. 

An Engineer:  As a sound engineer and technician, Seibert has over 20 years of experience and has gone back and forth throughout the years between live and studio production.  He has finally settled on studio production and is the chief engineer at High Revolution Studios.  He has spent thousands of hours behind consoles and is passionate about recording and mixing.   

A Business Owner:  Seibert is the owner and manager of High Revolution Studios in Sierra Vista, AZ.  High Revolution Studios is a professional project studio that specializes in singer/song-writer productions and developing composition for artists.  In addition to recording, the studio offers professional mixing and album art design and development. He had originally expanded his business to include a graphic arts department and desktop publishing team but is looking to focus primarily on music production in the future. He is also the owner and web manager of, a dedicated sanctuary for art and creativity.

A Dreamer:  Not everything in life revolves around “the bottom line.”  Seibert is a visionary who has always put integrity ahead of personal gain.  Having a true passion for music and a drive to create, he is dedicated to helping artists develop to their fullest potential.  In every endeavor, he attempts to bring people together so they can offer their unique experiences and abilities to one another so that all involved may go just a little bit further than they would on their own.  He dreams that one day the industry will revolve around personal connections and interactions between the artists and fans; a true cooperation that will remove any residual coldness that lingers from the days of the corporate giants.  Seibert would love to work with any dedicated musicians who are looking to make that happen.    

Future Goals:  Seibert is currently improving his engineering and audio production skills at Full Sail University, where he is enrolled in their Audio Production Bachelor’s program.  He plans to complete his studies there and develop a complete, professional portfolio that will enhance his already impressive history.  He also plans to expand High Revolution Studios into some collaborative production projects and a larger, physical space for recording bigger acts.  Once he completes the Audio Production Bachelor’s program, his goal is to move to Florida and try to get into the Masters program and re-connect with some old musical acquaintances to work on some amazing new productions.

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